What is this?

I’ve been rather lucky (or blessed depending on your view) to be a relatively healthy person most of the time. That wasn’t the case when I was little, but once they took out those pesky tonsils, life really improved. I get sick very rarely, so when it does happen I get rather confused. Unfortunately, on those rare occasions when I do get sick, I go down HARD.

I tend to forget between one time and next just how draining it is. It’s not just that my body feels icky. I can’t think at the right speed. Everything just feels so slowed down. I have class in about 40 minutes and I don’t think that I will be there. I have to go to the health center today anyways to drop off my crutches and set up another appointment to have my ankle looked at. Maybe I’ll see if I can pick up some meds while I’m there.

I realize this is quite whiney. I’m not usually that type of person. Another of my friends recently got me thinking positively. It actually makes life a whole lot easier. SO…some positives:

I got a ton of work done this past week. I have my cats back (after they had to stay with my ex for a couple of weeks while I moved). I’m moved into my new apartment and starting to get settled. I realized that I have some of the absolute best friends in the entire world. I have a stray kitty who comes to visit me daily for food and attention.

All of these things are awesome.

Now I just have to kick this whatever it is out of me and I’ll be good to go.


~ by Kj on February 22, 2010.

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