C’est la vie

I’m still upset about my recent dose of reality. I find it very hard to accept that I can’t just have the life that I want, and I am definitely not happy about having to compromise some of the things that I really wanted in order to have a better life some indefinite number of years down the road.

Although I wasn’t really admitting this to myself, this semester has been a little rough and disorganized. I’ve been stressed and trying to balance too much. My French class is the most difficult one on my schedule this semester. That means it takes the most time to study for and the most work to do well in. Since I’ve been a little overwhelmed and a bit too busy, it’s also the one that’s become my ‘throw-away’ class. I went and spoke to the professor today and decided to go ahead and drop it. Although it’s annoying in the short run, it will be a lot better for me in the long run.

I stopped in to see Davis and give him the update on my life. We have a bet running about my grades this semester, and either was I lose. He thinks I’ll get all A’s regardless of how crazy my life is. I don’t think I’ll pull it off. If I DO get all A’s, and lose the bet, I have to babysit his kids (who I love because they’re completely adorable) for a year. However, if I fail to get all A’s (still kind of losing), then he has to buy me dinner. I don’t know how I got myself into that situation, but it amuses me regardless.

Anyways, he told me I only have one more day to be annoyed about my reality check and then I have to just pick up and get on with life. Granted, he can’t stop me from wallowing…but staying unhappy about it really isn’t going to get me anywhere, so I guess he’s right.

C’est la vie.


~ by Kj on February 25, 2010.

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