Wet kitty

I moved recently, and my new apartment came equipped with a stray cat. I have cats of my own, so I can’t let him inside. That’s heart-wrenching. Right now it’s cold outside and pouring down rain. He stops by in the morning and evening for food and I feed him if I’m home when he comes. I didn’t see him this morning and I was sure, because of the weather, that I wasn’t going to see him tonight either.

However, I walked into my kitchen about 10 minutes after I got home and there he was sitting outside on the windowsill meowing quite insistently. I went out my back door and let him into the hallway so he could at least eat somewhere dry. My heart was in the right place, but that was a big mistake. After he’d had his dinner he refused to go back out. I picked him up and set him out and he ran back in before I could get my arm in the door and close it. I held him and snuggled him for a couple of minutes, hoping that he could understand how much I did not want to put him back out. I thought he would go away and find somewhere dry to sleep, but he jumped right back into the cold wet windowsill. It’s not even under an overhang, so it’s really not protected from the elements at all. I bundled back up and decided I’d try to lead him to the sheltered porch on the second floor. It’s completely covered and walled in with the exception of an open doorway. I put some food down for him and once he was engrosed (he’s quite food motivated), I snuck quietly away. I hoped he would stay there, but he came back again to the window. I could see him, but I knew that he couldn’t see me from where I was.

I really wish that I could let him in, but I can’t with the two cats I already have. They’re both so territorial. He left a few minutes later, but I put out an add to find him a home. I really hope that I can find something for him VERY soon. He’s such a sweet, lovable guy. He seems to want to be inside so badly, and I think that he’s far more interested in the attention he gets when he comes to visit than the food (although the food can really capture his attention at times).  If I go for too long without petting him, he’ll stop eating and come headbutt me just to remind me what my “real” job is. Darn he’s cute. I wish I could keep him.


~ by Kj on February 25, 2010.

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