Don’t things normally slow down once school’s over for the year?

Apparently, the answer is no. I thought that things would slow down and get easier once classes were over, but they haven’t in the least. I’m still as busy as ever. I think it will get easier once the weekend is over. This weekend I’ll be finishing moving and editing a dance video along with the regular tasks of teaching a dance class and spending a morning in church (except that I might skip church to attend my college’s graduation. I may not be graduating this year, but I still like to go and be supportive.

I got a cortisone shot this past Wednesday. They usually only hurt for a day or two and then I start feeling improvement. This time it bruised like crazy, got very swollen, and is just now starting to feel a little bit better. I hope it lasts for a while because the last thing I want to deal with this summer is major surgery on my wrist.

I don’t have anything really huge lined up for the summer, but I do have a ton of tiny projects. I have to refresh my pre-calc skills and teach myself calculus, try to teach myself as much of “research methods” as I can, work on a psych research proposal for next year, design a new psychological measure (for my research study), help out with choreography for a local theater production, build a website for teens about sex, help write a handbook for incoming students (and plan a special orientation program based on said handbook), work on video editing projects and a part of the college website, try to get a couple of “job shadowings” lined up, take a few dance classes, spend lots of time in the gym preparing for a really intense dance class in the fall, and try to start collaging for therapy.

Okay, so maybe I’ll be a little bit busier than I thought.

I’m just looking forward to Monday when I can actually sleep in.

I suppose “busy-ness” is just want I do though. At least it is a better coping skill than cutting and my ED. Well, in some ways it’s better, but not all (at least that’s what Therapist would argue).


~ by Kj on May 29, 2010.

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