Woah baby!

So I’m a lot dumber than I thought.

When my friend was visiting the past couple of weeks, we had sex a few times. I told him that I required condoms, but that didn’t happen the first time. I can’t say that he is entirely to blame because I didn’t make sure they were at hand to begin with, but when I told him to stop and put one on he didn’t/wouldn’t. I don’t trust the “pull-and-pray” method at all, but that was his technique.

Today was graduation (not mine, but I went for the people I knew). I saw one of my Dean’s there and told him to remind me that I had news when we got together next for a chat. My news was that a few of my friends think I should date one my the professors in my department (I knew he’d get a kick out of that). However, when I said I had news he asked me if I was pregnant. My immediate response? “Definitely not, and that would be bad anyways after the way [friend’s] visit went.” As I walked away I realized that I was feeling yucky on Friday and was due Saturday (approximately). It’s Sunday. I’m going to give it until this coming Saturday before I start to panic.

This is not a good time for babies, and definitely not with this particular guy. First off, he’s got too many issues (and doesn’t recognize many of them). Second, I don’t want to be tied to him right now because I know that, in both of our current states, we could not have a successful relationship.

Here’s hoping for no babies.


~ by Kj on May 30, 2010.

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