Fighting the hunger

I’ve found accidently over the past few weeks that I’m sliding badly in eating behaviors. I often skip meals because I am too busy and snack instead. I don’t snack nearly enough to make up for the missed meal. Some days I’m lucky to break 200 calories. At least I know that I am doing it and I realize  that it can easily start to become a problem. I am babysitting all day every day this week. Yesterday I forgot to bring food, so all I ate was an early breakfast. Today I brought something healthy and plan to eat around 11. I am also having dinner with a (the) great guy tonight, so I know I’ll eat. I feel like I have to be super conscious of it right now.

Sometimes I feel hunger, but I simply ignore it because I think I’m too busy or can’t decide what I want. It’s all silly justification. I need to do one more serious grocery shopping to get myself through until school starts again. Then I can eat at the dining hall and I’ll have a schedule and friends to eat with regularly. Right now, because it’s summer, I don’t have much consistent structure in my daily schedule. That makes it very easy to eat at weird times or not eat at all.

At least today I know I will eat. I will worry about tomorrow when it gets here. As long as I’m aware of it and am making an effort to manage the problem, that’s good enough, right?


~ by Kj on August 10, 2010.

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